jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Strawberry Plants

After devoting my life to drive the train Madrid-Irun, after thirty years working for the state railway, finished with pulmonary emphysema and a restraining order, corrected these two problems, tired and fed up, I found my bones a village of Castile, of no more than thirty people, and in the company of two cats who hate me and a parrot that talks with everybody but me, I went to the cultivation of the strawberry plant.
The summers are hard on Castilla, sometimes the postman with letters wrong on behalf of another person, and often that has led me to wonder if deep down I know who I really am.
There stuff of childhood in strawberry plants, it's funny how all children the first thing I like is the strawberry-flavored sweets, chewing gum, lollipops, and candy chupachuses, and, a few years later, when malice wings begin to appear, opt for stronger flavors like mint and they do not know that from this moment you have already decided to turn around your life, seek thrills and stronger flavors, inevitably not be able to stop and all will slide down that slope, and some even until Popia destruction. But it all starts when a child you start to wonder if it will be able to like strong mint gum instead of the harmless and strawberry flavored soft.
Covered by a sense of innocence that gave me growing strawberry plants, which in my case was practically a bliss, I decided to provide a space in my garden for such wonderful plants .. at night before going to sleep the gave the good night as the parrot beak twisted me and cats nails me out ... Eventually I came to realize that among the strawberry plants and I was born a strange pairing, but would not look out of those depths of my mind, nor accompany readings and prayers, just let the sun do its route as the hands of a loving woman, and when everything seemed to be quiet beginning to feel very tired and let me invade by sleep with a support similar to the insane and drugged, entering something he could not define but which related to death.
The cultivation of the strawberry plants was my whole life, and charged as charged, a small pension, the fact of not wanting lucrarme with the cultivation of strawberry plants and than simply the greeting and the good of my soul, had for me or healing effect that has led me in a short time to be who I am now, perhaps be more pure but not subject to change due to an absolute reverse any previous situation. So while cultivated strawberry plant, I realized that in the farce of life I had been a man who always wanted something and he had reached a state in which all its good and all his life was finally cultivate strawberry plants, perhaps to the end of his days as the days and only exist and the meaning of life was the one I created it has.

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